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Signature Collection

The Blank Quilting Signature Collection is comprised of designs conceived and created by Blank Quilting Creative Director Diana Mancini and Emily Tsangarakis. These designs come from many inspirational sources, from world travel to children, architecture and nature. Extracting visual ideas from life experience, envisioning them as designs, and imprinting them on fabric is the signature goal of this collection, which makes up much of the vast library of Blank Quilting.

Diana's Inspiration for her Lisbon Collection

Drenched in seaside sunlight, this harbor town boasts an exotic and diverse history. Celtic, Gaulic and Moorish influences are but a few which helped to weave the rich cultural brocade that is Lisbon. Inspired by this city, this collection features an exciting mix of varied sized florals and goemetrics. Embrace the historic energy of this bustling metropolis as you design your new quilt, uniting floral delight with bold geometry. Mix and match these prints in your new quilt masterpiece and create your own Iberian dream.

About Emily


I was born and raised in Queens New York. As a child I loved to draw and paint. I dream t of being an artist.

I received my degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Illustration. With my drawing skills, passion for color and love for detail I became drawn to Textile and Surface design. I began my career 15 years ago starting in the Apparel Industry, then to the Home Furnishing Industry and now the Quilting Industry where I found my niche for design and color.

My Home Furnishing experience has contributed a lot to my fabric designing career. I found that designing a quilting group is a lot like designing a bedding ensemble. You need to know what patterns compliment other patterns and the coloring is the key to making it work. My inspiration comes from almost anything. I am constantly thinking of new ideas from everything surrounding me.

Aside from being a designer for Blank Quilting Signature Design Collection you can find me in my free time painting children's murals where I get to be creative in my own little fantasy world.

My Collections

Adeline Adeline

Alligator Alley Alligator Alley

Animal Farm Animal Farm

Arpege Arpege

Bandanamania Bandanamania

Barbed Wire Barbed Wire

Barnyard Bunch Barnyard Bunch

Bella Blvd Bella Blvd

Black Out Black Out

Bugsters Bugsters

Byblos Byblos

Cafe Classico Cafe Classico

California Dreamin California Dreamin'

Candy Corner Candy Corner

Candy Dots Candy Dots

Candy Dots 108" Candy Dots 108"

Chalk Talk Chalk Talk

Chelsea Chelsea

Chills and Thrills Chills and Thrills

Christmas Joy Christmas Joy

Circles 108 Circles 108

Coastal Charm Coastal Charm

Cowboy Up Cowboy Up

Delancey Delancey

Desiree Desiree

Dino World Dino World

Dixieland Dixieland

Dynasty Dynasty

Eclipse Eclipse

Fat Quarters Fat Quarters

Flamingo Paradise Flamingo Paradise

Flannel 108 Flannel 108

Florina Florina

Fusion Illusion Fusion Illusion

Fusion Illusion 108 Fusion Illusion 108

Goal! Goal!

Golf Club Golf Club

Headliner Headliner

Hedgehog Haven Hedgehog Haven

Holiday Blenders Holiday Blenders

Holiday Pears Holiday Pears

Honeybell Honeybell

Honeystone Hill Honeystone Hill

HooRay! HooRay!

Hooray! Starlight Flannel Hooray! Starlight Flannel

Hoot Loves You Hoot Loves You

Inspiration Fat Quarters Inspiration Fat Quarters

Isadora 108 Isadora 108

Isadora Basics Isadora Basics

Jessica Jessica

Kitty Kat Kitty Kat

Knock on Wood Knock on Wood

Landscape Quilter Landscape Quilter

Le Cirque Le Cirque

Lola Lola

Lots of Dots Lots of Dots

Madeline Madeline

Madison 108" Madison 108"

Mariko Mariko

Marrakesh Marrakesh

Marseille Marseille

Metallic 108 Metallic 108

Music to My Ears Music to My Ears

Mystique Mystique

Newbury 108" Newbury 108"

Ocean View Ocean View

On the job On the job

Pansy Passion Pansy Passion

Parfait Parfait

Plum Rose Basics Plum Rose Basics

Regency Regency

Round Up II Round Up II

Route 66 Route 66

Samsara Samsara

Savoy Savoy

Sew & Tell Sew & Tell

Sew Fine Sew Fine

Sewing Kit Sewing Kit

Sophia Sophia

Sparkle Sparkle

Sparkle 108 Sparkle 108

Spirals Spirals

Splash Splash

Splash 108 Splash 108

Starlet Starlet

Starlight Flannel Fall 2012 Starlight Flannel Fall 2012

Starlight Flannel Fall2013 Starlight Flannel Fall2013

Strips Strips

Sumatra Sumatra

Sumatra Fall 2011 Sumatra Fall 2011

Sumatra Fall2013 Sumatra Fall2013

Sumatra Spring 2013 Sumatra Spring 2013

Sunflowers Sunflowers

Sweet Liberty-Printed in the USA Sweet Liberty-Printed in the USA

Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth

Symphony Symphony

Tanglewood Tanglewood

Tour de Paris Tour de Paris

Westport Westport

White Out White Out

White Out 108 White Out 108

Wide Mini Leaf 108 Wide Mini Leaf 108

Winter Tidings Winter Tidings

Wondertones Wondertones

Yvette Yvette

Zoe Zoe

Zoo Fest Flannel Zoo Fest Flannel